The year 2012 is the year of four centuries of diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Turkey. UETD Netherlands and partner organizations will contribute to the celebration with the Eski Dostlar MoArt exhibition in Turkey and the Netherlands..

konya exhibition in Kule Site

In his Fantasy Art Mohamed El-Fers shows evidence of his original spirituality, where he in a responsible manner unites fun and historical elements.

President UETD (Union of Euopean Turkish Democrats) The Netherlands

Derwish with iPod

IPhone Sheikh
Orijinal eser: Mohamed El-Fers

After 1923, the Sufis in Turkey were forced to go underground. Despite the existing ban, many orders, now disguised as welfare foundations, are very alife and bigger than ever before. Pictured is a young Sheikh with iPhone on his magic carpet vabove the Mevlana sanctuary in Konya, Turkey.

konya caravan

Konya Caravan

Composition in which the sanctuary made by El-Fers of Mevlana was placed in a modified fragment of painter Jean-Léon Gérôme (Vesoul 1824 - Paris 1904), so the importance of this mystical cultural center in the past to express. Gérôme visited Turkey in 1854.


Derwishes leaving Konya

Dervishes expelled from Konya in 1923
Orijinal eser: Mohamed El-Fers

In 1923 Atatürk modernized the new Republic by confiscating all Derwish sanctuaries.

Aziz Mahmud Hugayi

Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi
Orijinal eser: Mohamed El-Fers

According to Cornelis Haga and in addition to Halil Pasha especially Aziz Mahmud Hudayi played a major role in the creation of the first diplomatic relations between Turkey and the Netherlands. A few days after Haga had visited and was blessed by this highly influential Sufi in Üsküdar, the first Dutch ambassador became admitted to Sultan Ahmed I. Aziz Mahmud Hudayi impressed because he could walk over the waters of the Bosphorus.

Presentation of Sultan Murad IV

IV. Murad Presentation
Orijinal eser: Mohamed El-Fers

Because a decent picture of this sultan was missing, the UETD gave the order to make a new, historically correct contemporary image of Sultan Murad IV.



Ucak avrat

Uçan Avrat
Orijinal eser: Mohamed El-Fers

An example of the purification of the Turkish Language. Thus, the foreign word for air hostess was replaced by the pure Turkish Ucan Avrat (Flying Wife).


Hayalperst Haga
Orijinal eser: Mohamed El-Fers

The first Dutch consul Cornelus Haga balanced between the Netherlands and the Ottoman Empire. He played merrily on his air violin to produce the sound of fried air.

Moart Outlet Turkey

Prestijli Mekan

MoArt, Londra, New York ve Roma’dan sonra Türkiye’de de Dogu Avrupa ve Orta Dogu’ya yönelik bir mekana sahip. Mekanin adresi prestijli Atatürk Bulvari, numara 100’dür.  

Veyis Gungor with Mohamed El-Fers at opening Mohamed El-Fers (left) with UETD President Veyis Güngõr (Foto?raf: Aziz Aslantekin)

The catalogue of the first MoArt Exhibition og Magical Realism is available at the exhibitions. You can also copy your order online through internet.


Opening Konya 3012 on YouTube

Opening Ankara 2012 on YouTube

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